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Project Management (PM) Services require relentless attention to organization, coordination, and detail.  And that is the only way we work.  There are no comprises or shortcuts to this work ethic.  This is the only way we guarantee success as well as be willing to take the risk with you.  Name another firm that takes this approach.  You can’t.


We place tremendous importance on the planning phase of project management as well as the selection of the correct project team.  The success of your project directly relates to how well these two facets are performed.  We are meticulous in managing the project team and demand an extraordinary level of proficiency and strict adherence to all contracts that we put in place on your behalf.  Accountability is paramount in our approach.


Read again the Why VHAsection.  All those reasons are our “points of difference” in our management methodology and style.  We are very process driven and structured in our approach.  We have seen it all when it comes to what can potentially occur with your project.  Because we are so proactive, we foresee most issues and have alternatives and solutions readily available.

Here is what you can expect: You will always be up to date on the status of your project, always be knowledgeable, always be secure and have the “peace of mind” you need.  It is our job, not yours, in making sure that your project is successful. 





You will want to engage us to provide Owner Representation (OR) Services if you want professional, impartial representation to protect your interests, especially if you have a major equity interest in a project.  The difference between PM and OR services is that the latter strictly monitors, reviews, and advises with regards to the planning and implementation of a project’s scope, budget, schedule, and quality levels.  OR involves oversight and reporting and may include all or part of the following services:


1.       Review the Project Team organization, relevant P&P processes, staffing levels and competency, decision

        making and approval structures.           

2.       Review draws and cash flow forecasts

3.        Attend monthly owner meetings

4.       Participate in weekly phone calls with the project team

5.       Review work implemented during the month for quality and adherence to construction documents

        and specifications.

6.       Monitor RFIs

7.       Review and comment of Change Orders and change order logs

8.       Represent you with the Project Team for certain issues and occurrences

9.       Issue a monthly report updating the status of the project with regard to budget, schedule, and scope   changes

        and identify material outstanding or potential issues.


Our value proposition  for you is summarized below:


      1.       A very cost effective approach that truly minimizes your risk.

2.      Verification of status of a project from an impartial perspective by a professional group  that has the skill sets that understands all facets and disciplines in the process.

3.       Major objective is to solely protect your interests.  This allows youpeace of mindand 

        the ability to focus on non-project related items.

4.       Proactive alerts to issues and potential problems that could adversely impact your 

        budget, schedule, and quality of your project.

5.       Minimize disruptions or potential losses due to budgetary and/or schedule issues.

6.       Advise as to alternatives and solutions to issues that can be communicated to the project team.